Hello I am Rekha Kakkar- A Delhi based Food Photographer, Food consultant and Creative consultant.

I believe that Food is something that not only nourishes us but it is also a medium that forms instant connect in the form of shared culture, taste or even memories and becomes a melting pot for many good things in life.

So Here you will find healthy food that nourishes, and also my stories that revolve around Food and travel which is my second passion.

  • Divya GattaniBy Divya Gattani

    Hello & Welcome to Bake, Cut & Fry. I'm Divya, a newbie in the kitchen. I love cooking, experimenting and baking to the core. Here I'm trying to help everyone who is a beginner via my recipes. Let's have fun on this cooking journey. Let's Cook with Heart and Serve with Love ❤︎

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  • The take it easy chefBy The take it easy chef

    Recipes inspired by my grand mother's cooking, the food that I have come across in my travels, and all the great food cooked by my friends!

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  • sinamontalesBy sinamontales

    An ex-IT person turned into a food blogger, consultant, home baker and a amatuer food photographer. From one role to many been an exciting journey. Sin-A-Mon Tales is a canvas for my food memories, this is where I shares reviews, recipes and food stories from my travels and my childhood. Apart from rambling on here I also write for many online websites and publications, I am avid reader, an obsessive traveller and is always looking for food history and culture.

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  • Recipes and youBy Recipes and you

    Hi, Am Aditi ! Welcome to my Blog! Am a recipe developer ,food writer and blogger based in Delhi,India.From being a Banker to a Food Blogger, my journey from figures to flavors commenced after my son was born. Now,its a passion. I just love cooking ,developing new recipes and my new love for Food Photography. Am a self taught cook and just learning my way to good food photography. I believe in keeping a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy food.This blog is a document of my exploration/adventure with Food .If you like my blog ,do leave a comment.

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  • Richa GuptaBy Richa Gupta

    I’m Richa, a self taught cook, baker and food photographer. I’ve grown up in the kitchen along side my mum and grandmothers and conversations in my family revolve around the next meal. I’ve picked up their love for food along the way. With this blog, I’d like to share myfoodstory with you. I'm based out of Bangalore, India.

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  • Ramya MenonBy Ramya Menon

    Am a journalist with an almost unhealthy fascination with food. My journey with cooking started off with disastrous misadventures while a student in Bangalore. But a few burnt aprons and cut fingers did not put me off the, frankly enticing prospect of cooking. After a few years of living alone, lets say I'm now more sure footed in le kitchen! I love experimenting with my own recipes, and am constantly imagining flavours in my head.

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