Meera Siddharth

Our daughters are an integral part of the society. As they grow up to be future mothers, wives, leaders and sustainers they will be the bearers of our traditions. As mothers it is our foremost duty and responsibility towards our daughters to help them in learning these traditions. One of them being - Ghar ka khana. Ghar ka khana is pure, hygienic, balanced and high in nutrients. It reminds one of the love of a mother, tender feelings of a doting wife, and warmth of home.

I want to share all my home made recipes (Ghar ka khana) and secrets of my kitchen with my daughter and all other daughters so they can benefit from my experience and make their lives happier. Through this blog I will share some of the simplest styles of cooking North Indian food. I am confident that it will help you in winning over the hearts of your loved ones.

Remember, food made with passion and served with a smile can make a great difference in someone's life. "Banaiye khana, aur parosiye pyaar!"