madhuri bulusu

Hi, Welcome to Madhuri's Kitchen. I am Madhuri Bulusu, a south indian, living with my husband and two beautiful loving children in Chennai, the coastal city of northern Tamilnadu. Basically I am a foody and love cooking vegetarian food a lot. Very happy to share all the recipes of delicacies will you all. Do share your feedback and comments about the recipes I share in my blog. Hope you will enjoy these simple recipes. Thanks for visiting my blog.
  • Shaheen AliBy Shaheen Ali

    Hi, I'm Shaheen, born and raised in a gastronomic family where every conversation revolves around food and cooking is most relied on approximation and eyeballing the ingredients or ratios and proportions for measurements. A die heart foodie and a physiotherapist by profession, I came into blogging with a motive to pen down my experience of learning and refining in the journey with food from home and the world beyond, from street food to the fine dining, from mom's recipes to Chef's talk. Spoon Fork And Food was created on a lazy summer afternoon in the fall of 2014 in an effort to keep my sanity in check. This blog is a collection of good food and fond memories that remind me of my mum's home cooked food, those that transport me to distant moments of childhood or shared happy times with loved ones, friends and family. Recipes here are a reflection of me, my roots, who I was, who I am and who I will be as I evolve with the foods I discover, embrace and make them my own!

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  • nanditaBy nandita

    Hello! I'm Nandita, a medical doctor & nutrition expert by qualification. Passionate about healthy vegetarian cooking, I've been writing about it on this blog since 2006. I live in Bangalore, India, with my husband & 7 year old son. For business collaborations, media, events, workshops, email

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  • Richa GuptaBy Richa Gupta

    I’m Richa, a self taught cook, baker and food photographer. I’ve grown up in the kitchen along side my mum and grandmothers and conversations in my family revolve around the next meal. I’ve picked up their love for food along the way. With this blog, I’d like to share myfoodstory with you. I'm based out of Bangalore, India.

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