Elza Sujo

Bengaluru, India
A Physics lecturer by profession and loves to cook for loved ones☺
  • Jane JojoBy Jane Jojo

    A decade ago I started cooking during my bachelorette years. That was survival. Then I met my finicky husband with an insatiable hunger for perfecting dishes. Together we took our family meals and perfected it. This blog is our experience.

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  • Narayan BabuBy Narayan Babu

    I loving cooking elaborate dishes and have acquired my tastes from Tamil, Malayalam and Andhra origins. I am a vegetarian though, so no meat or chicken.

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  • Suryaa DeepakBy Suryaa Deepak

    Cooking makes me happy especially when i see my son enjoying the happy meal..:D..He is my best critic...I love cooking south indian cuisine,north indian,and arabic cuisine..am just a beginner and is totally amazed to see the great cooks here...:)

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  • Veena NeelamegamBy Veena Neelamegam

    For one reason, my whole outlook on the art of cooking changed. I admit that I was not entirely thrilled at the prospect of learning to cook. All I knew of the art was exhausting hours of standing in front of a stove to cook some boring entree I didn’t even like. I later learned how far that was from the truth. I now find cooking to be enjoyable. I learned to cook well. Anybody can follow a recipe, but knowing how to make something delicious is not so simple.Whenever I am in the kitchen cooking something I always feel great. I love to cook with my mom and make different foods. After I make the food, I love to share it with my friends and family.

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  • Lavanya JSKBy Lavanya JSK

    I cook Indian dishes specially South Indian and North Indian varieties and many easy, simple and tasty side dish and snack items.....

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  • Lenita JohanBy Lenita Johan

    Im a dentist with a passion to cook good food for my loved ones. I love being inspired by others and I'm not afraid to experiment in the kitchen. I grew up watching my mum cook some delicious delicacies and I also travelled around the world enjoying different cuisines. However, my heart lies with Indian cuisine. Lets cook together :)

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  • Shihab ChefBy Shihab Chef

    A well trained chef from kerala, can make indian, chinese, continental, italian, kerala, tandoor and arabic cusine. u can get my page www.facebook.com/chefshihab drizzlerchef@gmail.com +919946578722

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  • Teena SunojBy Teena Sunoj

    Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all - Harriet Van Horne

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  • Nirmala PremBy Nirmala Prem

    Hey! I'm a super busy mommy to 3 year old mixed gender twins. I guess that's enough said about the amount of time i get to spend cooking :). Most of the food I cook is about saving time, but not compromising on flavour. My biggest supporter is my hubby, who loves trying out new recipes and experimenting with different flavours. We love entertaining friends, and our home is the usual watering hole in our gang. So we try to come up with some innovative, fun food. Hope u guys like them!

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