And experimental cook Inspired by all the wonderful cooks who share their wonderful recipes online..
  • bowloffoodwithashBy bowloffoodwithash

    Myself Ashwini.Engineer by Profession, Cook by choice :) Check out

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  • maclin fernandesBy maclin fernandes

    After a here-there cooking interests at a basic level, i got into a 'more' of cooking ideas and interests that caught me after the thought of me getting married ;-) In a Long distance relation with my fiancee without any first meet for a over year, we now decide to marry. Learning the simple and the fun experiments with food. :-) Cooking interests have grown --- growing :-)

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  • Sujata ShuklaBy Sujata Shukla

    A foodie to the heart, I enjoy experimenting with different cuisines & ingredients and my 'cook-shelf ' plays a prominent part in my life. From traditional Indian dishes to favourites from other cuisines, complex time consuming recipes needing a number of ingredients (and loads of patience), to easy put-me-togethers with less than 5 ingredients, you will find that spices, butter, cheese, colourful and flavourful fruits and vegetables get into almost every recipe in this blog. A Public Accountant by profession with Food as a Passion - join me in this culinary adventure!

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  • Ramya MenonBy Ramya Menon

    Am a journalist with an almost unhealthy fascination with food. My journey with cooking started off with disastrous misadventures while a student in Bangalore. But a few burnt aprons and cut fingers did not put me off the, frankly enticing prospect of cooking. After a few years of living alone, lets say I'm now more sure footed in le kitchen! I love experimenting with my own recipes, and am constantly imagining flavours in my head.

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  • Shyamala RaviBy Shyamala Ravi

    Hi, Cooking was never my passion. I love to eat tasty food. Before marriage my mom's worry was how I was going to survive without knowing even to make an omelette, which is the easiest to make. My husband is a perfectionist and looked into anything with perfection, even food. He is primarily for Kerala cuisine.... I work from home for a medical transcription company. This gives me more time to spend on cooking and jotting down what is done. Basically I am a lazy cook. But the constant complaint about the not so good food from my husband made me a forced, somewhat refined cook.

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