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Cherian Thomas

Bangalore, India
A decade ago I started cooking during my bachelorette years. That was survival. Then I met my finicky husband with an insatiable hunger for perfecting dishes. Together we took our family meals and perfected it. This blog is our experience.
  • dancing with sugar&spiceBy dancing with sugar&spice

    Hi नमस्ते and welcome to my Blog! I am Jasmin and cooking has always been my passion. For me, the kitchen is really the heart of my home and food is something that all of us can connect with not just our personal memories but also with other people. This blog is my way of sharing some of my food experiences, anecdotes and glimpses of my life.

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  • Anju TonyBy Anju Tony

    Namaste Doston...Hoila!! Bonjour and Bienvenue!! I welcome you all to enjoy,see, try and taste out a variety of unique scrumptious dishes and have a heart of joy and satisfaction! I am a homemaker with two beautiful darling daughters age 9 and 2 and presently live in Edmonton city, a gorgeous city of Canada. My interest and dedication towards cooking and specially baking started way back when I was in college but never got the chance and time to present to the great works out there. So now I wanted to share of my experiences, food and thoughts and maybe earn a living too. It's just not restricted to one area but different types, countries and cuisines of all sorts . I love to keep on experimenting and presenting to my family and friends and get a lot of ideas and appreciation. One day , I truly hope and believe that with clear thoughts, suggestions from you all, I can be able to start a business or own a grand restaurant! So with no further due, let's get into all the yummy food

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  • Smitha KallurayaBy Smitha Kalluraya

    Hi !! I am Smitha Kalluraya - the face behind this blog.I am based in Bangalore .Welcome to my Kitchen!! An Engineer by qualification turned into a food blogger, freelance writer,an amateur food photographer and mom of two lovely kids.Life has been really sweet. This blog is my journal.. where i share my Veg recipes, food stories , travel stories,reviews and photography. I believe homemade food, created with love is the best way for a healthy lifestyle. For any queries , business collaboration ,media events etc please feel free to shoot a e-mail to :

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  • Serene & TimmyBy Serene & Timmy

    Hello ! Welcome to my kitchen wars @ crazyandcooking. Fed up with long years of hostel food, I started cooking for survival and then my Masterchef fan husband came along with what I lacked -his cutting and chopping skills. Be it a lazy cook or an intense cook, we have fun in the kitchen; Not to mention, our kitchen extends to the whole house. We are here to share our easy-lazy-fun explorations, hoping it would salivate your palate. I enjoy making food but me and food have a love-hate relationship. When we break up, my better half orders it online : )

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  • Whisk WiseBy Whisk Wise

    Hi I'm Ginelle, the brains behind Whisk Wise.

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  • Gauri ShirkeBy Gauri Shirke

    Hi, Welcome to my Blog!

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  • Sai priyaBy Sai priya

    A warm welcome to my blogging world.A place where I share my travel & food stories with beautiful photographs. I love travelling, meeting people,knowing their dreams, capturing that essence of Life in my camera lens & while doing that I never miss a chance to explore local cuisine.Soon after my engineering when I moved to Bangalore I started exploring Food,different cuisines. I am so much fascinated by Traditional Food ,old method of cooking and all those heirloom recipes from Granny's Cookbox. My Mom is a great cook & a Super-woman who inspires me at every phase of Life. Life to me is Living like as you like.I love to watch sunset sky ,changing colors of sky always brings me a positive vibes..a Happy Smile..enjoy walk on beach or simply a solo-time gazing strong mountains.. I am very Moody ,and in a pretty good mood i share my Feelings with you all here in my Blog.Hope you enjoyed reading my Posts.Thank you for dropping by. Cheers to Life !!

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  • RuPaLBy RuPaL

    A Dubai-based blog about fabulous food inspired from world travel, cultures, cuisines, cookbooks, traditional recipes and memorable restaurant finds. Words and photography by Rupal Bhatikar, a passionate traveler with a keen interest in documenting experiences.

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  • Nithya RaviBy Nithya Ravi

    Hi, Welcome to my Blog! I am Nithya Ravi a passionate cook and food blogger,author and photographer.I have been involved with food since childhood and have been blogging for more than two years now.I have seen with my mom and grandmothers since my young days picking up stories in food and related things.I dedicate this blog to my daughter and hubby who have been in someway or the other involved with my blogging.I also would like to thank my mother-in-law whose is ever supporting and offer every piece of advice i ask for..

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  • MelaBy Mela

    Hello, I'm Mela and welcome to my blog! I hope you will join me in this new adventure I am in called Marriage. In here you shall find tales of my adventures with food, places, wifehood, [future] motherhood, and most importantly my spiritual walk with the Lord.

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