Adam Phillabaum + Trevin Chow

Seattle, Washington
We are two friends (@adamb0mb and @trevin) who love to cook. We've spent years making food for each others growing families, and finally decided we should just share all of the recipes, tips and whatever with everyone. Our focus here is on feeding your family quickly and easily with wholesome ingredients... most of the time. Make sure to follow our sous vide focused blog too
  • PandaraBy Pandara

    Welcome to TastyChao, a blog written by a food enthusiast, dietitian, and self-taught home cook. Pandara travels the world, eats local cuisines, and learns how to create authentic (and many not-so-authentic) dishes. Currently she is living in beautiful Georgia--a country nestled in the Caucasus region along the Black Sea.

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  • Jane JojoBy Jane Jojo

    A decade ago I started cooking during my bachelorette years. That was survival. Then I met my finicky husband with an insatiable hunger for perfecting dishes. Together we took our family meals and perfected it. This blog is our experience.

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  • Sous Vide LifeBy Sous Vide Life

    We’re two friends and foodies ( @trevin and @adamb0mb ) who love to cook at home. For years, we’ve been lusting after trying to cook sous vide at home, but couldn’t handle the costs of home machines at that time. In 2012, we both backed a project on Kickstarter called the Nomiku that promised a relatively cheap sous vide immersion circulator for use at home. After waiting over a year, we finally received our Nomiku units in September 2013 and have been cooking sous vide non-stop. It literally has changed the way we eat in each of our homes with our families! The collection of recipes you’ll find on this site are mostly original recipes lovingly created in our respective homes. We’ll also be sharing tips on tools and techniques that we’re learning along the way.

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