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Cucumbertown is the world’s largest food blogging platform.

With an existing base of over 3000 blogs hosted on our platform and a pipeline of new bloggers growing at a staggering rate, our reach in the food blogging community is unprecedented. Being the platform, Cucumbertown comes with a bundle of advantages that vary from being able to run seamless campaigns, measure in depth data and more control of targeting and reaching the right audience for your brand.

Collaborative offerings

We act as a single point of contact between the brand and the bloggers. Based on the needs of your marketing campaign, we create a customized campaign proposal using relevant blogs on the platform to get maximum impact. Our offerings include, sponsored posts, recipes, affiliates, banner ads to name a few.

Audience reach

To reach the right audience is the basis of any great campaign. At Cucumbertown, we find a near perfect match between the blogger and the brand. Which makes it easier for the brands to reach the right target audience.

Campaign reporting

Campaigns are customized for maximum impact and detailed reporting and analytics.. We provide In-depth data about campaign performance to measure the exact ROI.

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