Cheat day – Smack down Carb-day!

I see bread people

It’s the day you have been dreaming about. Floating buns flowing from the heavens in slow motion as you lie in a pool of cheese sauce.

It’s here baby! And we are going to give ourselves a treat for making it!

I am so confused. Should I have pasta? bread? cheese? Why not everything in one delicious spaghetti braided bead. I saw it on my friend’s wall last week and it’s been on my cheat list since.

Normally I knead the dough when I am angry, so the negative energy is put to good use. But today, it was all love. The spaghetti was on the pot, the bread was proofing. And Captain M was out of the house. This really is the perfect day.

The croissant dough is looking beautiful, now that it’s been resting for two days. But I am going to save that for the evening.

It’s early, but you know what, it’s a big day. Pour yourself a glass of wine. Hold your tummy in and feel sinfully skinny in front of the mirror. You deserve it.

This is going to sound like a fake award speech. *sob sob*. But I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without you guys reading and writing in everyday. So write to me, tell me your experience with the meal plan. What worked, what didn’t? And let’s go for another round soon?