One month of deep fried happiness. One happy cook.

We have all been on detox mode this month after all the cooking madness over Iftar recipes last month. It was so worth every calorie to see everyone here come up with interesting dishes for Iftar on all days throughout Ramadan. And it was extra nice to see the tribe exchanging ideas across the world while trying out the same recipes with their own tweaks and spins.

What better a time for a cook off contest. We asked all our tribe cooks to put up a delicious Iftar spread and share it with all their fans. The ones who win the maximum number of views across all their recipes, win a Toast-Waffle-Grill Sandwich maker.

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 11.30.55 AM

It sure was a good idea. Buckets of happiness were shared among all our users, especially around our Iftar contest winner Parvathy Jayakrishnan. She whipped up delicious recipes every week and got lots of love from her followers and happy foodies everywhere.

Parvathy, you and your fans sure are a happy lucky lot!

Our happy winner!

As a prize for our contest winner, we ordered a totally awesome grill-toast-waffle maker. We spend a good two days just ogling and secretly persuading ourselves to keep this one for ourselves. Okay it wasn’t that big a secret.

Happy happy

But a promise is a promise, and we headed to Parvathy’s office with our boxes of goodies and gave her all the attention she deserved. She obviously loved the gift, and was super thrilled about all the goodies.

Her friends who helped her win were happy to see themselves featured in the winning poster.

“Cucumbertown is a wonderful platform that encourages amateur cooks like me to share recipes and I think the biggest reward is when others try out your recipes and say it worked! The contest urged me to try out new dishes and winning it was definitely the icing on the cake. I hope to explore different cuisines and new methods of cooking.

P.S My husband thinks that my sole purpose of cooking these days is to post them on Cucumbertown. Well, I can’t deny that completely.”

We believe you Parvathy! We hope you whip up some mouth watering waffles and make all of us jealous.

And stay tuned for more contests and giveaways. For our readers in San Francisco Bay Area, there’s a yummy treat coming your way soon.