Melted cheese and a hot date.

As it happened...

Sounds familiar? Get the meal plan.

Usually, I am a mess. Everyone calls me a slob, but I like to call it creative chaos. I can never stick to a plan, and I am always running around frantic and sleepless. But I enjoy it and I have never found the need to be organised. I don’t miss out on things, I reach everywhere on time, and there’s always food on the table, despite the scary mess piling on the kitchen counter.

blog-stripSo why would I need a meal plan? Recently, I realised there were a lot of reasons.

  • The 46 minutes (15.3 minutes for each meal) I spend every day scratching my head trying to figure out what to make
  • The unhealthy substitutions I make when I get home starving to an empty fridge. Crackers + Sriracha + Melted cheese is not a good dinner idea.
  • The ridiculous bill from takeaway when you forget to pick up ingredients for your special dinner
  • The amount of veggies that give birth to baby worms every week because I forgot to cook with them.

A meal plan means you decide all your meals for the week in one go. So you can shop for your ingredients in one go, know how to use your leftovers beforehand, and nothing goes to waste. The most difficult part about a meal plan is writing up the all-inclusive shopping list, figuring out how to work in dinner leftovers to the brekkie. And that’s where I come in. I will do the math, and some of the eating. You just have to follow. I will release the list and the plan every Saturday and you have the weekend to get your ingredients. Starting Monday, I will write to you everyday with recipes, and my experience cooking them. So, we can motivate each other and learn from each other’s disasters too. I do have my share of blunders in the kitchen. (no more eggs in the microwave, ever!)

How does that sound? Are you up for the challenge?

I will try different themes each week, vegetarian, diet-friendly, kiddie menu, special occasion desserts, and lots more. So let me know if you have a special wish list, and I will include them into my meal plans. I hope you will join me, because I might just head back nose first into my buttery chaos without your support. So leave your email on the “Join Meal Plan” box above, and sign up for the weekly meal plans. I have some big plans for the first meal plan and I am as excited as the day I baked my first loaf of bread.

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