Day4 – Did…not…expect…this.

So touched. *sob*

I am totally overwhelmed with the response. I did not see this coming, and trust me I usually do. Please, go out and have a slice of pie. On me. I will gladly accept the calories. Thank you Ce from Fredericton for suggesting I go ahead with honesty because that’s what I did end up doing with the sweetie from 701 and it went really well and a lot better than I had anticipated. She didn’t think I was trying to fatten her by sharing food. She totally understood my pain, and I think she was really really happy that I was having weight issues and struggling behind the fake confident power walk in the morning. Well, I won’t be looking confident from tomorrow. But that’s okay.

I took another road with the others

Because I don’t really like them. So inspired by Moira’s suggestion from Melbourne, I told them that I had overheard them arguing with their significant others and I offered delicious food to help solve all marital disputes. I turned the tea party into a pseudo marital counselling party. Painting quite the picture for myself. They weren’t mad. They were more embarrassed than anything else. And I think it was a good idea that I brought out the date balls after the revelation, so none of them stormed out. *another win for Paleo*

Well, not immediately anyway. I then pulled out all the ingredients I needed for the strawberry guacamole and told them we will have a cook along and I can teach them some simple recipes everyday if they like. I may have crossed a line said it would make sure their husbands never fight. I never really know when to stop myself. They didn’t even say good bye.

The good news

This strawberry guacamole is something else. And you have to check out Jessica Murnane One Part Plant to see more delicious plant based recipes.

And a big thanks to all the readers who sent me ideas and crazy stories. I laughed so hard that I am positive I burnt some calories last night. Well, I will take any excuse to have an extra slice of chocolate banana cream pie with bacon. Whaaaat! Yup, you read that right. When I saw it on, I was like, what the focaccia! Really? How do people come up with these combinations? Maybe I will let Captain M have a slice this time. He hasn’t made fun of me in over 48 hours.

Chocolate Banana Pie with Bacon

Tomorrow is naked dance day. And we are making a pizza with a crust made out of a vegetable. Oh yeah! You don’t want to miss this one.