I have always been on the curvier side. Much before my foodie days. Blame it on genes, bottles of formula, and luck. So obviously, I have done them all, GM, Atkins, negative calorie foods, diet dairy, liquid diets, you name it.

And they have all worked for me to some extent. I remember shrieking over my ribs sticking out 5 summers ago after one month of no carbs. Helloooo ribs?

where's my ribs?

Of course, I never stuck to any of these diets long term. I abused them, as I liked, when I liked. And after I discovered my calling as a foodie, I never looked back. Dare I let pregnancy and breastfeeding take the fall? *nom nom nom*

I was looking for an interesting way to start these meal plans, and I came across across this article, and thought what a perfect start! Have you heard of Paleo? It’s a pretty interesting diet, also called the caveman diet. I can go into the science behind it, but I know what you really want to know.

  1. Meat. Meat. All you can eat – meat!
  2. Strict no-no to starving!
  3. Oil is allowed, as long as it is olive, coconut or nut-based like almond.
  4. You get your carbs from vegetables.
  5. No dairy. Milk is meant for babies anyway.
  6. The only fail point I see is the bread. But they say you don’t crave it. But just in case, I am giving myself one cheat day a week to slut it with bread.

So let’s go caveman this week. And see how we survive!day1-4


Day 4-6

Here’s your shopping list

Make sure you stock up on everything for a happy happy week ahead.

Paleo List
Chicken 1 kilo
Beef Mince 1 kilo
Turkey Salami 250 grams
Bacon fat
Bacon 5 slices
Sausage 15links
Fish of your choice 1 kilo
Red Cabbage 1
Varieties of Mushrooms (portobello is a must)
Tomatoes 1 kilo
Cauliflower  1
Cabbage 1
Zucchini  1
Sweet Potato 500 grams
Garlic 250 grams
Coriander leaves a bunch
Avocado 5
Pumpkin 1
Plantain  1/2 kilo
Coconut  3
Mango  1/2 kilo
Lemon 6
Strawberry as many as you like
Bananas (and other fruits of your choice)
Eggs 2 dozen
Paprika 3 ounce
Oregano 3 ounce
Chilli flakes 2 ounces
Dates 200 grams
Almonds 200 grams
walnuts 200 grams
pistachios 200 grams
Coconut flour 500 grams (can be made at home)
Almond flour 250 grams (can be made at home)
Unsweetened Dark chocolate 500 grams
Raw organic honey any amount
Coconut oil 1 litre
Olive Oil 1 litre

So I will be writing to you in two days. Plenty of time to go shopping and stock up on all the goodies you will need for an exciting spread all week. I hope you will love it!

But hey, this isn’t beginning today. So you can stuff your face with some delicious carbilicous herbed buttery pretzels all weekend. Go! Go! Go!