Day1 – Baked chicken and charred husband

Sausage stir fry

Big day today! I usually have my breakfast at 7 am because I wake up pretty early. Today, I am too excited about trying out a new recipe, so I am up at 6 am and I am loving this plate of sausage spinach stir fry. Yes, I am missing the bread, but at the end of my meal, after washing it down with a glass of coconut milk, I am pretty crave free. But I know it’s going to hit me later.


Any minute now

Not bad, normally by 11 am, I am craving a snack. But I am still pretty full on brekkie. Wow, if this is really working already, I can’t wait to see the difference after a week.
clearance sale

I decided to get rid of all the non-paleo food from the house. I gave away a box of pretzels to my not-so-annoying neighbour. I tried really hard to eat up all the salame yesterday, but I couldn’t. So off it goes to Mrs. B. She and her ridiculous skinny self can afford to indulge.

I come back pretty pleased with myself and to the smell of baked fish. Mmmm. Nothing like hot food and a good tv show to de-stress.

Baaad Idea.

The first thing that comes on is VH1 Daily Bread.
MTV – Best of Bread. Nice try, God!
Grey’s Anatomy – Izzie on a muffin marathon.
BBC – Poisoned bread puts 25 germans in the hospital

Hahaha, if that isn’t a sign, I don’t know what is. I am going to make us some dinner. I had planned to make some dinner rolls for my not-so-diet friendly husband, Captain M. But going by how well I am doing, I figured he would enjoy baked chicken just as much and won’t miss the dinner rolls. I threw in a few potatoes to compensate too.

I rubbed the chicken in the marination like I used to apply oil all over my baby boy. I hope they come out perfect. Half way through, I took a peek and I could see the beautiful juices filling up, and I scooped them and bathed the chicken with love and greed. Topped it with a few pistachios too. Yup, the rich nut.


Captain M comes home, starving as always, takes a peek at the chicken and grunts in approval. Everything was going perfect until he asked me where the bread was.

Uh oh!

He did not care for the paleo. Of course, it’s my mistake expecting him to try out somethng new for a change. It was baked chicken for god’s sake. Not some steamed brocolli on a bed of stinky radish. Geez! Let it go won’t you?

It must have been the hunger pool filling up in the tummy, but I said some nasty things digging up skeletons, and he stormed out of the house.

Normally on fight days, I take it out on a bowl of ice cream, but I didn’t want to cheat on my first day, so I ate the most delicous chicken and completely forgot about the missing husband. Oops, did I say that out loud?


I did not wake up hungry at midnight. And if my son hadn’t woken me up around 4 am, I would have slept through. God bless the chicken. And not the whiny husband.

Here are today’s recipes, do share pictures of your versions at

Hope Captain M isn’t plotting for a way to get back at me for this tomorrow. How many of you think I will wake up to the smell of french fries topped with sweet revenge tomorrow? God, give me strength.