Day3 – Are you trying to kill us?

There are days when you walk down the street and you feel everyone is looking at you. You imagine it’s the sexy hair cut. The new pair of jeans that shapes, tucks, pushes and keeps everything in and bouncy. Or the obvious, you are a really attractive person and nobody can take their eyes off you. But today was not that day. I felt the stares right in the morning when I went for my walk. Of course, at first I thought I looked great today in my yoga pants so I walked an extra 15 minutes to show myself off.

are you killing us?

Big mistake.

They cornered me in my last round and asked me a whole bunch of questions.

‘Why are you giving us food?’
‘Are you opening a catering business?’
‘Are we test subjects?’

Today is definitely not my day. Captain M and I are having a cold war and he’s cooking his own meals these days. And now I realise this ambush is from when I decided to do get rid of all the carbs from the house. By sharing with the happy-to-receive neighbours. Now obviously I hadn’t told them that I was going on a diet. But everyone found it suspicious that I was giving away food, and last night’s croissants crossed the line. So much for the joy of giving.

I wasn’t sure what to say. The reasons were all so different. Mad at husband, trying to lose weight, cooked too much, ingredients were rotting. And I knew they wouldn’t think much of it. So I just invited them home tomorrow for tea and said I would explain everything then. Over some delicious snacks. I have planned to make Mince Beef Balls, and Coconut Date Almond Balls. And once they taste them and obviously love them, I will introduce them to Paleo. Maybe the strength of numbers will make me stick to it longer. I hope.

I just wanted to buy some time, so I have a good explanation for them by tea time. Should I just tell them about the meal plan or make up a crazy story to suit the crazies? Write to me. Tell me what to do. Until then, I am going to take out all the frustration building up in my system to knead a beautiful croissant dough for our cheat day.

Btw, you have to try the mushroom stir fry from today’s recipes. Absolutely brilliant!

Do come back tomorrow to check on me. If I survive the neighbour mob, you will be the first to know. These coconut date almond balls better be good. Paleo ftw!