Iftar recipes to win

I love Ramadan for a lot of reasons. I will point out just the cooking related ones here. Well, that’s all you are interested in aren’t you? A) You don’t have to cook the mundane three meals. B) You get to try interesting new recipes. C) You don’t have to feel guilty about all that butter and cheese because you earned it by staying away from calories from dawk to dusk.

In fact, some of us lose around 3-4 kilos in those few hours. So we earn the right to get it all back at Iftar.

See why I love this month so much? So I have decided to throw a contest to bring in as many excited Iftar recipes. The rules are simple.

a) Post a recipe to www.cucumbertown.com
b) Use our “Share on facebook” feature to post on this page and elsewhere.
3. Call all your friends and ask them to share your recipes on their Facebook timelines and elsewhere
4. The recipes that get the most number of shares wins a kitchen accessory. You can post multiple recipes, we will be considering the total number of shares across all.

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 1.55.50 PM

To help you all get started, here’s a quick round up of all that got devoured last week. Burp!

1. Making ahead. I love recipes that you make ahead to store and throw into anything and everything you are cooking.

2. In case you are wondering where we get our energy from. Caaarbs!

3. Chicken. Baked and Grilled.

4. Tiny twists to give classics a happy makeover.

5. Desserts are light during Ramadan. Well, after all the heavy snacks, we don’t really have the space for a heavy dessert.