Featured User: Sunanda Sharma

Sunanda How did you find your way? What’s your Cucumbertown story?

I grew up in a small town, the only good bakery served pineapple and black forest ‘pastries’, I had no exposure to good baking, and until I started working and had an oven of my own, this continued. The oven was the first thing I got from my salary. And there is no turning back. I learn from every cake successfully baked and from every cake that is a disaster, I learn more. Apart from home baking for friends, I want to do a professional course in bread making and cake decoration sometime.

Orange SpicedWhat is the biggest joy you get from baking a cake?
Smile on the faces of people I care about

What is your dream birthday cake?

Now this is a kind of question that really makes you think. It has to be chocolate and not just chocolate, dark gooey mess of a chocolate. I made this Mississippi Mud Pie cake for myself last year and it comes pretty close to my dream birthday cake.

Oh and also, Zach’s la bomba from Rose’s Heavenly cakes :D

What three tips would you give a beginner baker?
1. Learn from an expert. Try to take a few basic beginner classes after your initial attempts to get a better feel of baking. I tried learning from the internet and books and had a lot of trouble initially, I then attended a few classes at Sprinkles and Swirls in Bangalore where I learnt a lot from Arati and the fellow bakers.

2. Do not give up! Even if you have major disasters in the kitchen, the key is to not give up and things will magicall fall into place after a few attempts.

3. Always question and learn the science of baking. This will help you learn better and over time you will be able to improvise on recipes and create your own.

Recipe that someone could or should try this weekend

This is an easy peasy recipe to try and furthermore, the amazing results will keep you motivated for more!

What is your never-fail all time favourite dessert recipe?
Chocolate lava cake

double choc cheesecake

What’s the one dish that never fails with the friends.
Freshly baked simple pound cake.

What is your signature dish?
I am almost tempted to say chocolate cheesecake but I think I still do not have a lot of experience to call a dish my signature, I have not repeated a single dish more than twice yet.

Whose dishes on Cucumbertown have you been eyeing greedily?
Definitely Sanaa‘s. Lemon pudding, ice creams and pull apart breads top that chart :)