Calling all peeps for a big fat Easter feast

It’s Cucumbertown’s first Easter and we need your help to make a good Easter feast.

Can you help us in this endeavor?

Contribute the best of your Easter recipes.

Join the Tribe!

To go big belly for Easter and get everyone out there to put together the biggest feast possible. A compilation for the future generations of cooks. I am thinking home inventions, chef classics, food blogger tips, grandma’s secrets. We all see our friends and family coming up with delicious treats every holiday. So why not pool them in together for a mother of an Easter cook book?

Everyone loves a good Easter feast. I still feel like a kid waiting for chocolate eggs and jelly beans when it’s Easter time. Of course I look forward to the glazed ham too now.

It would be great if you could help make it special for everyone by sharing interesting Easter recipes. Your family classics, or even avant garde fusion recipes you have come up with. Kiddie treats, meatless meals, ham, ham, ham, and the good ol’ cupcakes and cookie recipes. For the greater good of food?

There’s another thought lurking in my head. A G+ Hangout to share Easter recipes. We tried it last month to make frittatas and it was quite a lot of fun. So maybe one of us can host it and share 15 minute Easter treats, perhaps? Who is in? Write to us if you have got ideas, suggestions, secrets. It was someone here that suggested Frittata the last time, and it was a success!


A big thank you already!

Join the Tribe!

The world will be a better place with your Easter recipes.