We can never have too many cooks.

Frittata Cookoff
What do you get when you put 18 eggs, last night’s leftovers, cheese, strawberries, home grown herbs, and 5 cooks? One helluva Frittata Cookoff!

It was everything a Cookoff hangout could be. Passionate foodies with delicious ingredients sharing lots of tips and ideas, topped with smiles and laughter and the best part, eating together. Small pleasures seeing fellow cooks stuff their faces. Haha!

We chose the Frittata, something that is one step above the comforting omelette. So simple, and flexible. A hundred possibilities, it was the perfect recipe to start off with. It can be baked, steamed, be sweet, savoury, a breakfast, a snack with tea, and even a heart warming dinner. So even though it was different time zones, it was Frittata ‘o clock everywhere.

Let’s meet our cooks, and their Frittatas.

Suhaim Abdussamad, from Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada. Founder of Startup Kitchen, a geek and a foodie, he whipped up a Frittata and ate it before the rest of us could put ours in the oven. Made with some home grown and other locally grown ingredients, his Frittata was a refreshing way to start the day.

Ninitha Koya, from Saint Lucia, Carribeans. One of our top cooks at Cucumbertown, she is a PR whiz by day, and a domestic goddess every other second. And known to add her own little spin to any recipe, she whipped up a dessert frittata.

Nirmala Prem, from Abu Halifah, Kuwait. Mother of twins, engineer, makes a mean pecan pie. She whipped up a delicious Frittata with the help of her little assistants Izzie and Jerry, and it vanished before she could take a picture.

Sanaa A’esha, from Bangalore, India. Writer. Home baker. Will kill for pizza. She kept it simple with haloumi, tomatoes, and some home grown parsley she likes to show off.

Sanaa’s mom, Shyla Abdussamad, also a Cucumbertown regular, walked in right in the middle of the Hangout and wanted a piece. So she quickly whipped up a Plantain Frittata.

Cherian Thomas, also from Bangalore, India. The chief chef behind Cucumbertown, he loves to cook, and more importantly make others cook. He scoured his fridge for leftovers and made a mean frittata overloaded with beef. His took the longest but it was wiped clean in seconds and he forgot to take a picture. So we will have to leave it to your imagination.

There you have it, a fun fun hangout and a new way to make eggs. Join us next time, and send us your suggestions. We will do this again, next month.

Until the next one, burp!