The dance of the bread and eggs

Oooh mama!

In my home, Valentine’s Day has always been quite centered around breakfast. As far back as I can remember, my parents have always celebrated with their girls. Valentine’s morning often held a table of decadent breakfast fare, along with a pile of chocolates and numerous other treats at each setting. We all got a little something, and it was always unique and perfectly suited to me and my sisters. Things have toned down to lighter fare since then, because little girls do grow up. Soon, most of the Valentine’s goodies are mailed to dorms and apartments, and big family breakfasts are a rare treat.

One thing we all particularly loved were french toast sticks. Everyone has to have liked those frozen little sticks warmed up and dipped into syrup at some point in their lives. If you haven’t, you may have missed out on an important part of childhood. But no matter! While I still take the occasional stick, my culinary horizons have broadened a bit. I adore french toast when it’s well done, but I really detest soggy bread of any sort. When I saw the recipe for this, I knew I had hit a gem. A bit of flour in the egg batter keeps the bread from soaking too much, and upon frying you get a nice, crisp exterior. And the thickness helps to keep the center nice and bread-y. Oh my goodness, the center. The perfect balance for all that bread. It oozes with berries and cream cheese, just waiting for your fork to sink into it.

While we never really got into the breakfast-in-bed tradition, I can’t help but think how very perfect this would be to wake up to.

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Valentine French ToastI come from seven generations of bread lovers. From a family where we consider a trip to the nearest Modern Bread factory the funnest picnic ever. Many a time we have finished a loaf of bread before we got home from the store. My mom has only one request in her death wish list and that is she is fed a slice of white bread with a generous dollop of butter. So yes, we take our bread serious.

And eggs are no less a family member. I love eggs. So bad that I considered getting a tattoo of an egg shell until many artists told me dealing with white ink is risky. So bad that I teared up when I saw my first born taste his first poached egg. So bad I even took pictures of the bowl and spoon he used for that momentous occasion to save in his memory book.

There is no wrong timing when it comes to serving bread and eggs. Think about the number of times the sunny side up made your bad day better. And they are great in all forms – boiled, poached, scrambled. But my favourite will always be the French toast. Sweet, savoury, stuffed, baked, fried. *Goosebumps*

They can be warm and comforting, or fancy and luxurious. Perfect for a Monday pick-me-up or a Sunday cuddle-in. Which is why it’s a favourite at the Kuspi household. This year I am going to stay away from the hearts and chocolate recipes and go with the familiar, the good ol’ Baked French Toast. It is perfect for a breakfast in bed, because you can make it the previous evening and leave it in the fridge to soak overnight. And all you have to do in the morning is pop it into the oven.

Maybe I will make this Citrus Cinnamon French Toast this time. Sure looks good. I should do a test batch don’t you think? Just to be sure it’s as evil and yummy as it looks. *nudge nudge wink wink*.