Featured Cook: Lejna Ramachandran

HappinessHow did you find your way? What’s your Cucumbertown story?

Through my husband! Chandru read an article about Cucumbertown on the Entrepreneur and asked me to check the website out as it was related to food and recipe posting. I joined Cucumbertown and was excited to find my recipe posted on a public platform. With so many features of adding recipes as well as embedding them onto my blog, I’m very comfortable here!

Who is responsible for your love for food?

My mother and grandmother. They both are such amazing cooks and bring in perfection to everything they make. They never had any option of referring to websites or blogs to cook, yet they remembered every detail and came out with the most tastiest dishes. It’s true what they say; what makes food special is the love that goes into it while making it. So when I started cooking, that’s after marriage, I tried to be like them atleast to some degree and Im still trying.

Sous Chef

Who is your biggest fan?

My husband! He has seen the transformation I underwent. From burning dishes due to carelessness to restlessly standing beside the oven for longer duration. He has always been so supportive in whatever I tried out and appreciated my effort. There never was a case of negative criticism and that helped me build up my confidence. He is my biggest fan and support system.

What three tips would you give a beginner cook?

1) Try out simpler recipes than the complex ones.
2) Be slow and steady in the kitchen than hurrying and stirring up a disaster.
3) Be sure about the measurements and ingredients.

What are the three things you can cook in less than 20 mins.

Pancakes, Honey and oatmeal cookies, Chicken curry and Ghee Rice -classic Kerala combo

What’s the one dish that never fails with the kids.

Chocolate cake. I’m being sinful here,but hey they need all that sugar and chocolate now. My little one keeps saying ”Tha,tha…” meaning “Give!” Chocolate never fails with kids.

What’s your nemesis dish?

Bhoondi ladoo. I have tried it a couple of times inspired by English Vinglish and every time either the bhoondi is too big or they won’t get stuck together. I have to attend a cookery class just to make ladoos or else will have to write to Sridevi, herself!

What is your signature dish?

It has to be Croissants. I had made it out of zeal and it turned out to be super tasty and beautiful. Family and friends keeps asking for the recipe and method of making it.The best part of it is that you either make it plain or with stuffing,choice is yours.

Whose dishes on Cucumbertown have you been eyeing greedily?

Nirmala Prem‘s and Sanaa Aesha‘s. I admire the way Nirmala cooks such a variety of dishes being a mom of two kids. And love the way Sanaa manages to make every dish sound so simple and fun, eventhough they are complicated!

Cucumbertown is my …
Motivation to cook better dishes and resort for tried and trusted recipes!


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