Chip tooth Lasagne

Do you remember when you realized that you liked cooking? I do! It was when I first attempted to make lasagna. I looked up how to make lasagna and thought, “Hey! this seems simple!” I take some ground beef, cook it with some spices and then layer cheese, tomato sauce and cheese. Definitely, simple.

Back then, I was just starting to cook on my own. So, I got my ingredients and looked at the instructions on my box of lasagna sheets. It said that it was oven ready, so it meant that I didnt have to boil them beforehand. Awesome! So, I go ahead and cook the beef with some onions, parsley, oregano and some salt and chilli flakes. After this I added in the tomato sauce and cooked the beef. Now, all I had to do was assemble the lasagna. I put a layer of the spicy beef down, then some ricotta cheese, then a layer of lasagna and then repeated it. I then put it in the oven for 20 minutes or so to cook. I took it out after that and added some cheese on top. About 15 minutes later, the cheese had all melted on top and voila, this thing really looked like a lasagna. Delicious. I was quite proud.

I let it cool for a bit and then served myself this delicious looking creation. Took my first bite, “Hey! this is not bad, but some parts are a little crunchy” I had never eaten crunchy lasagna before. Well,
looks like the top layer of the lasagna sheet did not get cooked properly. Well, it still tasted good, so I continued eating it. Half way through my meal, my mouth started feeling a bit weird. A few
seconds later I realized that I had chipped my front tooth. I had chipped it as a kid and had it fixed a while back. But, this tasty lasagna took it out again. Explaining to my co-workers that I chipped
my tooth on lasagna was a hard thing to do!

But, a day later, I was back at it again and made a lasagna again, but this time I cooked the lasagna sheets before layering it. It was delicious!

The author of this story is Suhaim Abdussamad, founder of Startup Kitchen, a geek and a foodie.