A burger proposal – Medini Mangala

On our first date, karan took me to the neighbourhood KFC. Now this might be the most unromantic thing for most girls but for a foodie like me, it was more than enough! As we stood in line waiting for our turn, he turned and asked me for my order. I replied, “My usual. Zinger with double cheese.” And right there, he knew he had found the one! He jokingly even told me to marry him because he hadn’t come across a girl who said cheese, let alone double cheese!

Zinger Wedding  Cake


As months went by and our relationship evolved, one thing bonded us through thick and thin. Food and our love for all things food.

Our travels were more adventurous because of all the food we tried out!

But the icing on the cake (literally) was our wedding cake! It was a fairly simple decision – we fell in love over a Zinger and thus our cake should be just that! We found a lovely baker, Geetha Krishnan, and she made our wedding even more memorable with that delicious zinger cake :)