How many food resolutions in your list?

If I lost any weight last year, it was because of my roommate’s cooking and had nothing to do with my will power to stick to new year resolutions. But this year will be different. Like any other year. I am going to stick to all my resolutions. Especially my food resolutions.

Yeah, that’s right. Food resolutions. They are the most important ones. I am going to mix ‘em up and keep some fun ones in the list like try Mexican cuisine. Eat chocolate for a whole day. Go on a popcorn diet. And of course, test how many jelly beans can my system handle before I start bouncing off the walls. Jokes aside, I do have some serious food resolutions that I hope to stick to this year. I have all kinds of symptoms telling me my body is going down, and it’s time I took notice. So here we go.

Stop eating less.

Eat smart, instead. Yes, you read that right. January is known for people starving themselves to work off the holiday weight. It will not work. The trick is to eat more. Snack on salads. Green beans. Lots and lots of fruits. You don’t have to go hungry at all. Just have the right mix of ingredients. A bowl of steamed veggies taste a lot better if you crush some garlic or chilli flakes with it. Sriracha really is your best friend this year.

Use avocado instead of butter in salads and sandwiches. It tastes great, and you can take a second helping too.

Stock your fridge with melons and apples for delicious sweet cold treats. Take a bag of muesli to work. It will keep you from snacking on fried snacks, and it will keep freeloaders away from your desk too. Don’t we hate them all!

Don’t skip dessert.

It never works. I go all week without a sugar treat, and then go eat a whole cheesecake at the nearest cake shop shamelessly. So this year, I am taking a different route. I am going to allow myself a treat. But I will keep it light. Make natural ice creams like Avocado or Banana. And weekends, I will get the good stuff. My favourite guilty dessert is a Caramel Apple n Pecan Trifle



I have a friend who bakes like a goddess. Oh I could kill for her Lemon Pecan Bundt. After she cuts a slice for herself, she packs them up pretty and gives it away to anyone and everyone. Neighbours she doesn’t like. The guys at the local market. The apartment security. You name it. She says, it’s better out of her lips and hips, and she get’s ‘special treatment’ everywhere. She isn’t entirely noble. The neighbor she doesn’t like, has gained over 8 pounds and it makes her day.


I wonder what Mrs. Will-not-take-names’ intention was when she brought by her signature Crumbly Velvety Chocolate Tart last week. *uh-oh*