A new way to share recipes…

Why do we all love Cucumbertown?

Because of how easy it is to write recipes and publish them. Because it feels incredibly satisfying to share and see people rate, and comment, and applaud? Because the founders are cute and charming? Okay, maybe I went a little overboard there.

We love it for it’s simplicity. But most of us have been cheating. With our previously established blogs. Oh yes, the other one. And the lazy bums we are, we often copy our recipes back and forth to both our Cucumbertown profile and our blogs.

We now have a super simple way to do this.

If you own a blog or a website, you can share your Cucumbertown recipe with the out-of-towners by just adding one line to your blog post.

Did I say one line? :)

All you have to do is open up the recipe you want to embed in your blog and you’ll notice a grey icon on the left of the page as shown below.

grey icon

Click on it, open it up, copy the line you see there in the text box and paste it in the area of the blog you want to see.


Like this…


Here’s a sample embed I did with the gingerbread man recipe


Note that you have to add this to the code section of the blog draft and not the normal text area. This is important. It’s the same way you’d share a YouTube video. Just publish the post and you can stick a fork in cause you are done!

Wait, there’s more.

What if you want the recipe to blend into your blog’s theme? Show it in the same style and feel of the theme? Like all the other restaurant reviews and the picnic party posts.
All you need is to check the ‘Blend magically into the page’s style’. And you can specify the recipe’s name as your blog post title too. Now isn’t it as easy and satisfying as finishing a tub of ice cream on your own?


And how beautiful is that!