What do I do with all this food?

The Holidays are great for the tummy. A lot of classic favorites. High calorie, guilt-free desserts. And just so much of it. You just can’t have enough. Or can you?

That’s why you always end up dreading he morning after Christmas. If it isn’t the mess in the house, it is the one in the kitchen. From wine stains to cake crumbs, there are pieces of Christmas everywhere. And I always find myself staring into the fridge, scratching my head thinking, ‘What do I do with all this food?’

There’s only so much you can give away to friends and neighbors, or freeze. And how many roast chicken sandwiches can you possibly have in a day? I am stumped. It is time to call the expert. My mom, of course. She always knows how to revamp leftovers. Her signature leftover dish being eggless egg curry. Sure. I will have to listen to the ‘I told you that was too much chicken’ speech, but her recycling food secrets are gold.

I take her through my leftover list. Roast Chicken, veggies, cake, lots and lots of cake. I cannot emphasize more on just how much cake there is. Of course, I know what I can do. Cake pops! Now I am not the biggest fan of cake pops. I find it silly to make and isn’t a nice big slice of cake more satisfying than a mouth-pop of cake? But when you have so much cake to begin with, cake pops seem like the perfect fun idea. Just gather the kids, get them all mushy-smushy in the cake, shape them into balls, prop them on a stick and freeze. Get your chocolate sauce ready, lick, lick, lick, and as it sets dip the pops into the sauce, top it with sprinkles or any toppings you like.


I think it has all the makings of a Christmas Morning After tradition. *light bulb on a sugar rush*

I love my mom for suggesting this dish, it has always been my favourite comfort dinner food. And it is just perfect for a nice night in with the family after Christmas. A heart warming plate of Au gratin with chicken. Just saying ‘au gratin’ makes my heart warm and gooey. It’s going to be my word of the day. Au gratin.


You don’t need to be an expert at baking to pull this dish off in style. Nail the Bechamel Sauce and you are king.

Another family favorite is the Creamy Chicken Pot Pie. This is my topper dish in my ‘You’ve been served’ list. I use it to impress the unimpressable. Yeah, that’s a word. It is so simple but the results are action packed wow. I always have a moment in the kitchen, right before I serve the pie, where I hold it my hands and stare longingly wondering for a quick second (okay, a few) if I should just stuff my face and not care about the guests. I always rise above. But I know I will slip one of these days. Yes, this dish is that delicious. And you can experiment with the filling however way you like. Today, I am going to use all the leftover Christmas veggies with the roast chicken. I bet I can take this dish from wow to wower.


So that’s the perfect Day after Christmas right here. A warm, fun, cozy spread to snuggle in the weather.