Let’s Crop Everything

Like every week here, this one is also special, bubbling with new tools, our magazine, and Cucumbertown’s very first Hangout. Stay with us.

A lot of the images uploaded need some editing. Some have way too much noise in the background, and some have our kids smacking lips in the foreground. :)

We have a solution, you can now crop the images with a single click on the edit icon right after you upload.  This is the first feature of many to improve your image editing capabilities. In short, to make your food look as yummy as it actually is.

Now to bigger things if you haven’t noticed already. We released our magazine last week. So if you want to get featured, or just chat about your culinary adventures, or someone else’s, just ping away. We are all ears… umm eyes.

And now for the dessert, we are giving you sneak access to sign up for a free online Hangout session with Dina Rulli & Marek Thi on food photography 101. If you have seen their pictures, you will not think twice here. So go on, grab your front seats, and we’ll see you soon.

Happy Friday!