Let’s cook, this Christmas.

You know it’s December when people start working less, smiling more, and everyone is in the right spirit of things. More love, laughter, warmth.

Isn’t that the best part of Christmas? Everybody is on a random streak of kindness acts.

How about we double that with food this year? Think about it. Would you rather go over for that party with a store bought pie or just blow your friends away with a homemade fresh bread basket that smells like heaven.

At Cucumbertown we carefully curated a bunch of recipes you wrote that are simple, tasty and will make this Christmas so delectably different.
The cicirchiata that needs all the help from the family, the white chocolate cream with blueberries with will take you to paradise, the PBJ Stuffed French Toast that will win you points with your in-laws, right down to the basics of bread making with the Peasant Bread. And let’s not forget the candy crazy kids. This Christmas, you will be the one to make you own rock candies for the little one’s.

Food brings everyone together. And what better time than now to test that theory out.
Cucumbertown is celebrating Christmas with a whole lot of love and some simple things you can cook at home. Some things that will make the C
So this Christmas, cook something. Start a tradition. With something different that you’ll remember for a lifetime.Something simple, but never failing to impress.

Cucumbertown will have a poster everyday with the instructions to help you get going. Just forget everything else and cook along.