Countdown to yumm-o! Some last minute party ideas

You are barely recovering from Christmas and it’s time to put your boots on to party past midnight tomorrow. The house is set, the alcohol is flooding, and all you need is some easy quick yummies to fuel the party to awesome.

Maybe I am a glutton snob but I always judge a party by its appetizers. If I see a bowl of chips with a bottle of mayo or hot sauce, I am ready to leave. Unless I see an interesting cheese counter. It is so easy to whip up brag-worthy dips that I don’t understand why people don’t take the effort. Like this Chicken and Mushroom Dip. A handful of ingredients, mix ‘em up, and you are in Mexico. Or my favourite, Hung Yogurt and Garlic Dip. It goes with chips, or bread, or anything really. I always find my friends hovering the dips counter licking their fingers.


It’s interesting to have three to four dips. Gives everyone options and it is definitely plenty impressive for the effort that goes in. Try this Spinach and Bacon dip, I can’t get over how simple it is. And you could try a vegetarian version by replacing the bacon with Portobello mushrooms.*Lipsmack*\


Whenever I can, I try to make everything at home. But there are just so many things to do sometimes that I give the main course to caterers and just take care of the appetizers. The way I see it, everyone remembers the appetizers. By main course, everyone is pretty inebriated, so maybe I can just get away with it. *Evil Laugh*.

Start with something simple. Buy a pack of Mochi, some brie and put together some easy-pleasy baked brie bites.


Forget shrimp cocktails, you have to try this Coconut Shrimp recipe. You can prepare this in the morning and just heat it before you serve. It is good, hot and spicy.

And team it with a less spicy Italian Seasoned Chicken Thighs. They are melt-in-mouth wow and just so… okay I am at a loss for words. And that rarely happens. It’s yummiest when it’s marinated for 24 hours so get it to right away. Chop! Chop!


If you are still reading, I hope all of you have a memorable New Year’s Eve and bring in a year that brings unadulterated joy, love, and platters and platters of good food. *Burp*