Tried and Impressed

I have a strange relationship with food. It isn’t always love. I tend to be picky with fruit. Indifferent to rice. A novice with sea food. And despite having knowm my way around a kitchen since the age of 10, I can forget all principles and drown in a cup of instant maggi.

No, I wouldn’t call myself a foodie. But I love to cook. I find nothing more cathartic than slicing onions. Or cutting a watermelon into half like a ninja. And I love it even more when it is for others. There’s a great satisfaction in seeing joy in others from what you tossed up with a few ingredients. A calorie-free joy that fills me up, and gives me a bigger appetite at the same time.

Ah, the simple thrill of not having to work so hard to impress. Makes me feel superior, like I am the only one who knows the biggest secret in the world to happiness. Well it is. And I don’t mind sharing. It would only be too mean not to. And I have been having such a good year, I dare not attract any negativity.

The glorious egg

They are beautiful however way you make them. But for now, forget the sunny side up, the scrambled, and most definitely the hard boiled. Today, just between the both of us, let’s make it fancy with the Devilled Eggs. I made this for the first time for an Iftar party. Something to break through all the deep fried madness. Of course, I didn’t tell anyone the name of the dish, it felt inappropriate.

And once you get the hang of it, you can mix up whatever you like in the filling like minced meat, herbs, anything. Close, jaw.

The egg trophy run doesn’t end there. Do you have an anti-breakfast guy in your circle? Convert them with this revolutionary breakfast. Bacon and Egg muffins. You have to try this right away. For the effort that goes in, the results are just wow. No more snooze for me.

That reminds me of the time I had to sucker up to the boss. Appraisal time was around the corner, and even though it was a good year, I messed up that week going to work late on a really important day. I must have had an elaborate breakfast that day, I presume. My boss was all about the green, and the lean. So deep fried chicken wasn’t an option, nor were double choc chip brownies. And that week, the zuchinis were on sale. *Brainwave Zucchini Fritters*

Among all the people I love cooking for, my favourite is the neighbours. No matter where I move, I always make it a point to go over with goodies. Maybe my intentions are evil. My first neighbour was an unnecessarily-in-really-good-shape fashion designer and I was hoping my hip-widening cookies would do her some good. Now baked goodies are the tradition, but sometimes I like to make my favourite comfort dessert, Choco Biscuit Magic. It’s a kiddie dessert but it is wow enough to win back a lifetime supply of ‘feeding fish while you are out of town’ and ‘baby sitting while you are at work’. And it is made with ingredients you have at home everyday. So whenever you are feeling extra neighbourly, pop one in the fridge and in a few hours, you are good to go.

Life is good on a full stomach isn’t it?