Look Who’s Following You!

Since the last time we spoke, it has been crazier than a bistro at service time. Busy with e-mails, recipes, making so many new friends, and so much noise. Like a multicuisine buffet you don’t want to end.

Prepping for something really incredible at Cucumbertown. But I guess, you’d have figured it out by now.


Yup, you can now follow your favourite fellow cook, and be followed too. Instant updates when there are new recipes, comments, and lots more ways to get up and close with your favourite chef.


Also, you can now share recipes on Facebook and give everyone around a whiff of how amazing it is here.


And the icing, you can now invite anyone to Cucumbertown through e-mails or Facebook. All made so easy, like instant coffee.

So wake up, we are no longer in beta! Cucumbertown is now open to everyoone. Yay!

Spread the word. Let’s make everyone cook!