Here be domains

There was a time before Adam & Eve, before the dinosaurs & the stegosaurus, before the first light descended on the earth. A time when we decided that Cucumbertown is all about you. If I write a recipe it should be in my profile, people should able to search by my name, my expertise, my dreams and my epiphany. Heck, I should be able to post my kitchen spread pic too.

And then. Here be domains.

The time has come for you to own what was duly yours. And when you rightfully deserve it.

Domains is that wonderful experience when you own a part of Cucumbertown, that mindshare that will be known by Your domain will become your heart and soul showcasing all your works of art, your love and your recipes.

Here are some wonderful simple things you need to know about domains:

  • See the tags on the right? Clicking on it will show all recipes that you have written in that category!
  • Whenever someone comes to and searches from there, they will get your recipe at the top!
  • The top cover pics are for you to customize. Go crazy. Upload that kitchen table you’ve been carving.
  • You can only set your domain once and you will only get a domain name that others haven’t taken. Make sure you use only your name. So hurry!
  • You will only get to own your domains once you pass 300 points.

With this my dear tribe, we are going public in 2 weeks. So adorn, customize and beautify your domains. They are going to be the window to your world.

Toast to Cucumbertown today. Let’s make everyone cook!