Contributing Photos

One of the many simple, communal aspects of Cucumbertown is that every member can try out another member’s recipe. Often while browsing recipes on Cucumbertown, your interests are aroused and you want to experiment and cook your own version or adaption of another member’s recipe.
Trey has tried his adaptation of
Jane’s Carrot Halwa and wrote a variation. Jane has cooked Nirmala’s Apple Pecan Trifle, and I’ve tried Reeba’s Chicken 65 several times over.

We members depend upon and look at each other as a source for new recipes, new cooking styles and new food experiences. This proves that the level of trust among members of the tribe is extremely high.

So it was only natural for us to design this feature that you will absolutely love!

Contribute Photo:

You can contribute your own pictures to an existing recipe on the website. Say you have tried out your own version of a recipe, or you ate the same dish at a restaurant or elsewhere, or you have a picture that shows a different aspect of the dish- you can now contribute your own picture!

This option shows up in every recipe page. Whenever you contribute a photo it shows up in the recipe page with your name attributed to it.

That’s my contribution of Dosa to Saneef’s recipe.

Beautiful, isn’t it? The feature doesn’t stop here.

Every time someone contributes a new picture, the author of the recipe is notified for approval. The author can then approve/remove the photo contributed by the guest.

If the person contributing the picture has more than 30 points we trust them implicitly and the picture is shown by default. If the person does not have the minimum points required, then the author has to approve the photo to be shown. You know you have to earn your way through. :-)

So the next time you cook or are in restaurant, click your way through and contribute your own photos. You can even drag and drop and put in a simple comment. That’s all. Earn the love. Share it.

As an author of a recipe, there is nothing more gratifying than having someone else try a recipe and contribute a picture. As a member, there is nothing more satisfying than giving an author a heads up on their recipe encouraging them to share more.

In the near future, we hope to develop a mobile app to make this even easier.

Until then, go on clicking, contributing, and sharing pictures.