Power packed features, crafted for your Food Blog

We get this question a lot! What’s so special about Cucumbertown? We could simply say that we are awesome, but it’s actually because we understand exactly what food blogs need. And we build and innovate on features that make food blogging fun for both amateurs and professionals!


  • Recipe Writer

    Create recipes in zen mode

    Create amazing content on a minimalistic canvas, while leaving all your coding worries to a capable team. Seamless that you it’s almost like a stress buster! And guess what? Most of our bloggers reported that time spent to create content, reduced to almost half of what it took elsewhere!

  • Rich Recipes

    Power pack your recipes with rich data

    The Editor comes with a superior categorisation system that packs a lot of data into your recipes enriching it with detailing that your readers are looking for. We have also developed a more sophisticated presentation of ingredients and step images, keeping things very user friendly.

  • Great recipes should look great everywhere

    Using our editors seamless auto posting functionality, combined with customised images for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, your recipes can now look stunning anywhere the world sees it.

  • SEO Boost

    Get google to love your recipes

    The RecipeWriter comes equipped with inbuilt SEO advantages. The recipe information you enter, is automatically converted into Google friendly recipe microdata. Besides this, you can also optimise images, create meta descriptions and add Google friendly custom images.

  • Insights

    See your audience growing everyday

    The easy to use analytics system helps you to get a bird’s eye view of how well your content is doing, with breakdowns of traffic, referral sources and follower counts.


  • Blog Branding & Themes

    Give your food blog your own unique twist

    Keep your individuality alive with custom domains, specialised themes, colors, fonts and your logo. We Want your personality to come across with your food blog. Want to build your own theme? We even have a themeing SDK that you can use to build one of your own.

  • Responsive Themes

    See all the tasty grub on the go

    We design mobile friendly blogs that are specifically optimised for browsing on the go. Our blogs boast of a super fast load time, and the layouts are all customised for mobile browsing.

  • Recipe Index

    Create the most sophisticated recipe index automagically

    To keep things as time efficient as possible we have developed an automated Recipe Index which collates all the rich data from your recipes into a structured format. So now your readers can browse recipes based on course, cuisine, time taken and even ingredients, without you putting in any additional effort!

  • Instant search

    Find the perfect recipe in a giffy

    Search bar on the Cucumbertown Food blogs offers blazing fast recommendations as you type your search term. Readers can even find your recipes organised by course, cuisine, difficulty, time taken and ingredients. Want to make a mexican chicken dish in 15 minutes? Filter all that into the search, and voila, you have your recipe!

  • Share what you love with the world

    With the easy to use social sharing buttons, you can let the world know what fun things you have been upto in the kitchen. And this will drive a horde of interested readers straight to your website, thereby getting the traffic to soar.

  • Apps

    Get special convenience apps for your readers

    We know that every blogger wants the best user experience for their readers. Which is why we have rolled out a series of apps for convenience to suit the requirements of the readers including Unit conversion, nutritional information, calorimeter and so on.

  • Find out how much people love your content

    All of us love feedback,right? It’s super easy for our bloggers to know how much their recipes are loved because of the easy to use Like button, and hassle free commenting system. See the reader love grow!

  • Mailing List

    Get your updates to people who love them immediately

    Most publishing solutions out there charge you to send notification to your followers whenever a post is published on your food blog. Not so with the Cucumbertown bloggers, as soon as the post is published, your fans get a sneak peek on email.


  • Manage Ads

    Get a professionally managed ad network integration on your food blog

    Our monetisation team is focussed on getting the most out of all the ads that can go into your food blog. This means that fill rates, CTRs, CPMs and so on are constantly monitored, so that bloggers can concentrate on the best part: creating content!

  • Premium Features

    Make money recommending products you love

    Our unique affiliate feature, which you will not find on any other blogging platform, allows Cucumbertown bloggers to add affiliate products on their blog posts, without having to go through a signup process, or manipulating URLs or having to geo target. All of this is automated to get you the best results for your recommendations!

  • Premium Features

    State of the art features for readers at a premium

    We have always wanted Cucumbertown to be the most convenient place for food bloggers and their readers. We have therefore designed a series of features for users who want a little bit more than what our free version gives. This includes an Ads Free experience, convenience apps like Nutritional Info, Calorimeter and so on.