How do I get a domain?

You can purchase a domain name on sites like, Namecheap, Go Daddy etc and have it hosted by Cucumbertown. If you have any doubts regarding this write to us at chef [at] We will be happy to help.

Once I get a domain name, how do I point to Cucumbertown?

Once you have a domain name, go to the Settings tab on your Cucumbertown account. Copy and paste or type in the domain name under Domain Configuration. This way you will have your own domain hosted by Cucumbertown. For a step-by-step tutorial refer How To Point Your Domain to the Your Food Blog On Cucumbertown. In case of any difficulty, you can also reach out to us on chef [at]

Can I have a blog without a domain name? What about hosting?

You can have a blog on a Cucumbertown subdomain. It will be like this: And hosting for all blogs is free of cost and handled by Cucumbertown.

How to migrate my existing blog to Cucumbertown?

Here is a detailed account of the steps involved;

What is the process of migrating to Cucumbertown?

How much does it cost to port my blog to Cucumbertown?

It’s absolutely free of cost, if you decide to retain your existing theme or choose from one of our available themes. If you want a custom theme done for you then, it will depend on how much the designer will charge.

What will happen to my subscribers in Blogger / Wordpress?

All users who have subscribed to your Blogger/Wordpress blog through emails will be migrated to your Cucumbertown powered blog as followers.

What will happen to the traffic to my old blog?

It will remain unaffected. All the traffic will be redirected to the blog hosted by Cucumbertown. The redirection will happen only after full verification and approval by the author.

Do the URLs change? If yes What will happen to the old recipe URLs that I posted in social networks and indexed by Google?

Yes the URLs would change. This is because the way URLs are generated on Blogger or Wordpress is different from the way the URLs are generated by Cucumbertown. The old URLs will remain unaffected and will be redirected to the right post. So the traffic from earlier promotions on social media will not be affected. The new URLs will look something like this: If your old URLs conform to this standard, there will be no change.

What if I want to migrate my blog without any changes to the existing theme?

We can pretty much port your existing content without much change. However, porting the theme as it is may require additional work. In fact, creating a new theme is a lot of work; as much work as creating a new website. Page load time is one of our major concerns and we also focus a lot on making the themes mobile responsive. So we highly recommend choosing a theme that we have with us. We will be adding to the list of themes available periodically. But if you insist on having a theme, we can discuss and based on the availability of resources we can take up the work ourselves or guide you to freelance designers who could do the design/porting work for you.

After migration, will I lose anything from my blog in terms of content?

Pretty much everything will be moved, including the text, images and comments. We have mastered moving Blogger data to an exact science. Saffrontrail, Indu Gets Cooking etc. are examples.

The blog is going to be hosted free of cost, so may how do you plan to cover your cost of doing this?

Here’s how we are going to be doing this. We are going to monetize the majority of the blogs hosted by us and make this into a livelihood for the author. The platform takes the cut of the revenue (like Google Adsense, YouTube etc.) and we live off it. This is a bit like the way Gmail, YouTube etc. work. Since we will be monetizing a majority of the blogs, we will also able to buffer supporting blogs that want to remain free (that’s how Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger etc. work).

What would you expect from me and my blog in return for hosting my blog?

Pretty much nothing. Blogger does not expect anything from you. Nor does Gmail.

But we do want our bloggers to grow. Increase their traffic. And one day monetize. We’ll provide tools, analytics etc. Our success lies in making this a livelihood for the blogger. If you choose not to, its fine with us too :-)

Would you require me to pay for any service connected to my blog in the future?

Not for any of the services being provided currently. But in the future when we have premium features, say Advanced Analytics, that give suggestions on content to write or CDN features to make you site very fast , it will come at a cost. But none of the existing salient features on the site will be paid. Like Blogger, Wordpress etc.

Do you have provisions for backing up or would I have to do that elsewhere?

We have an internal mechanism to backup the blogs with several redundancy layers. So you can ensure your data is pretty safe.

What are the different themes available?

Here are some of the themes available at present. More coming soon!

If you want a whole new theme designed, but do not have the know-how, then we can get you connected to a freelance theme designer, and you can pay to get a custom theme designed for you.

Can I make changes to the theme? Can I configure the blog theme myself?

Yes, at the time of creating your blog, you can pick a theme of your choice! However, changing the theme, or changes to the current theme can be done only upon request to the design team. This may however change in the future and themes will become customisable by the author.

Can you give me some details about how you would be monetizing blogs and how I would benefit from this?

Monetizing food blogs is our primary goal. In the next 4 months we’ll be focusing on banner ads, affiliates and a bit of premium content.
Here is more on this question:

Growing The Monetization strategy of Cucumbertown: The Plan for 2015

How are ads on Cucumbertown blogs different from others?

Here is more on this question;

Why You Can No Longer Look at Ads The Same Way for Monetization: The Cucumbertown Strategy

How Can I add affiliate products to a blog?

Your Cucumbertown blog comes integrated with an affiliate account with major marketplaces including Amazon. Adding affiliate products to your posts is super simple. Here is how you could do it.

Can you port my existing ad networks like Blogher and GourmetAds?

Yes we can. We can also take care of the management of these ad networks for you or you can choose to continue to manage them on your own.

How does Cucumbertown manage the SEO?

The primary focus of most food blogs is the recipe. And when Google crawls your blog, it needs to understand the recipe. In Cucumbertown we use microdata, or schemas to help Google understand that your post is a recipe post. The Recipe writer is inbuilt with these capabilities. .The RecipeWriter looks something like this.

What are the official markups you have on Cucumbertown?

We have course, cooking time, prep time and servings as official markups. This is the format that Google, Pinterest, Yummly and other recipe consuming engines understand - If you want to add more, you can add it as text. Like the way you do with Blogger or Wordpress.

Will I have full ownership of my content, including photographs and videos?

Yes, you are the sole owner of all the content created on your blog and any reproduction can only be done with your explicit consent. For more details on this you can refer to our Terms Of Service.

How can I change the cover image on my profile?

Unfortunately, at the moment, you can’t. We take one of your popular post as the default cover for your card. We will update this in the future to have you customise your profile card.

What would happen to my blog if Cucumbertown decides to close down?

We are part of Cookpad, the largest recipe network in the world and has been around for more than 18 years. So the chances are pretty slim :-)

But if this ever happens you’ll be able to download a standard XML dump of all the webpages with all the content including comments that you’ll be able to port to another blogging platform. It should be pretty easy except for the specific features that are targeted at food blogging.

Can I expect reliable and reasonably quick tech support service? Is the tech support service based in India?

Expect tech support like you would with any other web service. But we are not a bespoke services agency doing custom tech work. We respond around the clock to most issues and ensure up time, bugs, feature request etc.

The tech team is in Bangalore.

Do you host only food blogs? I'm asking because I have a domain for my photography portfolio!

Yes. Only food blogs. That’s the niche that we pretty good at. So expect features like this: Calorimeter on top on recipes, servings meter, ingredient substitute, bookmarking for recipes (for audience), ingredient name localizer etc. These are very specific things for food blogging and don’t apply to other verticals.

What's up with the name Cucumbertown?

Haha! That has to be THE most frequently asked question. Cucumbertown is the literal translation of a popular Malayalam phrase: Vellarikka Pattanam (വെള്ളരിക്കാപ്പട്ടണം). It simply refers to a land with no rules. A space where there are no expectations, norms or accepted behaviours to bother with. To us, it is the ultimate expression of what you could choose to be, if there was nothing tying you down. A place where you set the rules. What more could you want in a blog, right? And also, it's got the word Cucumber in it. Which sort of helps if you are food blogging platform ☺