“If there’s anything that unites the world regardless of our different tastes, it’s food.” – The Cucumbertown Tribe

Unless you are a fan of a meal-in-a-pill. In which case, I think we are done here :-)

As much as we love how it feels to see recipes being shared every hour on Cucumbertown, we realised we needed to capture something more. The magical moments in the kitchen, as they happen.

That’s why we designed Kitchen Conversations. A charmingly simple way to share your kitchen by just doing what comes as second nature – taking a picture.

Upload and share a picture

The best example is our amazing Chef Callie of BandPage sharing a peek into her kitchen every time she whips something up for 40 odd hungry programmers in Townsend San Francisco.

Chef Callie's timeline

You can record your kitchen story in a timeline, while all your followers can browse through and crave for more. Be warned, they might tempt you into revealing your secret ingredients.

email a photo

And if you don’t want to risk dropping sauce on your laptop, you can just e-mail a picture from your phone. Right then. Right there. So go on, take a moment to go through your photo stash (yes, I know you click pictures of all your dishes) and e-mail us a picture of what you have been cooking to pic@cucumbertown.com?

That’s right, just a few clicks on the phone. Maybe throw in a subject line so your picture has a caption. Now tell me, isn’t that the simplest mobile app for us to build?

Seize the moment. Take a whiff of all the conversations.

It’s fun. It’s instant. It’s love.