About Us

First thing you should know, we are the world’s first Food Blogging platform. (Are you going, “huh?” at this stage? Worry not, there’s more). Think of Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr, Medium etc; we are just like them except, dedicated to food bloggers. So, if you plan to start a blog cataloguing all the soups, sauces and sass in your life, Cucumbertown is your go to place.

Since Cucumbertown is a platform dedicated for food blogging, we have a bunch of tools specifically created for food blogging. These include things like our super easy Analytics Dashboard, the user friendly Recipe Writer, our unique Affiliate feature and many more. Since we are still in the process of adding to our arsenal of tools to help food bloggers, it might be a good idea to take a peek at our Cucumbertown Magazine, where we talk about all the things that we have been cooking up at Cucumbertown. Subscribe and we’ll keep you posted whenever something new and exciting comes up!

How Did It All Happen?

We are going to go a little Martin Luther King here and say that it started with a dream. Cherian, our cooking obsessed CEO (find him below along with the other Humans of Cucumbertown) found that he was not too impressed with the available blogging platforms out there. So he wanted to build something that was intuitive, easy and helped people just focus on the content. Over the years Cucumbertown has had several makeovers, and now we can claim dibs on world’s first exclusive blogging platform! (A little bragging is allowed, right)

Meet the Humans At Cucumbertown

And here is the team that keeps things hot and happening at Cucumbertown. Got a feedback? Drop us a line, one of us will soon get back.