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I moved to Cucumbertown after nearly 3 years of blogging and the results were instantaneous… a neat layout, and amazing feedback from my readers. But that’s not all. People forget that the foundation for great tech companies is still human interaction! And that’s what sets Cucumbertown apart, the team is always just a click of a window away! I have and am learning so much more from them.
Cucumbertown has been a big aid to me in terms of taking care of design, the backend and monetization so I can focus on what I do best, blogging. The team at Cucumbertown is highly responsive and the recipe writer is one of a kind, ensuring that no little detail is missed out. If you are a foodblogger, and you're not on Cucumbertown, you are missing out.
Cucumbertown has consistently improved their user interface, features, and monetization options since I started blogging with them over two years ago. If you are looking for a platform that provides everything you need to have a successful food blog and that's run by people who have a serious passion for food, Cucumbertown is a no-brainer!
Running a food blog is much more than creating and shooting great recipes. There's all the technical stuff like hosting, and security, and the business stuff like analytics and monetization. When I moved to Cucumbertown, they not only improved every technical and visual measure of No Recipes, they also improved upon the revenue that I was making, and this is just the start!
Marc Matsumoto
Marc Matsumoto No Recipes
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