Sundari Giri

Bangalore, India
Hi, welcome to my space on the blogosphere. I am the human behind all the kitchen experiments on Ladles and Spoons.

The blogging bug caught me pretty late in life though dabbling in the kitchen was always kind of a stress buster for me.

In spite of a full time job and a family to take care of, trying out newer recipes and cooking was like a hobby that energized me immensely.

I am a herbivore and you will find vegetarian recipes, from around the world, here. Come let's cook together.

  • AarthiBy Aarthi

    Hi, Welcome to my Blog!

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  • Flours and frostingsBy Flours and frostings

    Hi, Welcome to my Little Space! So I am a Caffeine-addicted, food-adoring , forever day dreaming , castles-in-the-air building ,people loving and obviously baking obsessed part time blogger and any time hogger! I love baking and love sharing my bakes with anyone and everyone. If you think dessert is the most important meal of the day , or consider life one big sweet celebration , you are absolutely at the right place! You will probably find here all things sweet - some classics , some a tad bit quirky, most easy, some fancy-schmancy - all super delicious ! I hope atleast some make their way from oven to yours ! Happy Baking !!

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  • Nikhil WadBy Nikhil Wad

    Hello & Welcome! I am Nikhil, Founder & Blogger of "Spoon Fork Tales". I am exploring restaurants, cafes, eateries, food festivals, food services & products on this blog.

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  • MadhuliBy Madhuli

    Hi, Welcome to my Blog! Giving up a lucrative career tinkering with Analytical equipments, I now prefer to tinker in my Food lab- developing new recipes & satisfying my culinary travel cravings. I love to share my culinary experiments and some heirloom recipes here in my virtual kitchen. On My Foodcourt, you can find simple comfort food recipes -predominantly Maharashtrian, along with some fusion recipes/experiments. I bake to feed my soul and love to photograph food since it makes such a patient subject :)I am based in the ‘Wine capital’ of India-Nasik. I would love to hear from you, to get in touch with me: EMail-

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  • The take it easy chefBy The take it easy chef

    Recipes inspired by my grand mother's cooking, the food that I have come across in my travels, and all the great food cooked by my friends!

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  • Nisha MenonBy Nisha Menon

    Hi, Thank you for stopping by!! I am a business analyst by profession and an ardent cook at heart. I love cooking and I would put it as a stress buster for me.I love to cook for my family and friends whenever I get a chance.The recipes I post here are tried and tested by me many times.My husband , who is the best critic I have got at home is the one who motivates me and inspires me for trying out new things :). Pls do try my recipes and drop me your feedback.

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  • Akila SubramanianBy Akila Subramanian

    The kitchen is definitely one of my favourite places to be. It brings out the creative side in me. As a mum of 3 little munchkins i get the opportunity to whip up something new and tasty very often. My mantra for cooking is- " Just keep it simple" .. Be it the ingredients, the technique or the effort required, you would find my recipes very doable. So if you are a very busy working professional / a mum / a newbie to the kitchen world / even someone who's gotten bored of exotic dishes ,you are sure to enjoy this. Happy cooking..

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  • sinamontalesBy sinamontales

    An ex-IT person turned into a food blogger, consultant, home baker and a amatuer food photographer. From one role to many been an exciting journey. Sin-A-Mon Tales is a canvas for my food memories, this is where I shares reviews, recipes and food stories from my travels and my childhood. Apart from rambling on here I also write for many online websites and publications, I am avid reader, an obsessive traveller and is always looking for food history and culture.

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  • Bhargavi PratapBy Bhargavi Pratap

    Hi There! Thank you for stopping by. This is where I come to write about my stories around food and recipes. Do let me know what you think :)

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  • SubhasmitaBy Subhasmita

    “Until I discovered cooking, I was never really interested in anything.” ― Julia Child This aptly sums up my singular passion for cooking.Since the age of 10 when I realized that stirring, chopping, cutting, smelling and tasting is what gives me pleasure. The sound of pots, pans and ladles is music, in short Cooking is nirvana for me. Hope this culinary journey together that we have here continues forever... Read more...

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