Fabida Abdulla

Kannur (Cannanore), India
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  • By Noor Nazar

    I really want to start this line by saying that I started cooking at the age of one :D I really am not sure at what age I started cooking. But, I fondly remember that I used to be really happy making drinks and snacks whenever a guest rang the bell. Those days, my cooking skills were limited to Tang, Squashes or Horlicks :) I went for some cooking and baking classes during my Summer Holidays when I was fourteen years old. I owe a lot to Fauzia Mam who taught me the basics of cooking and baking and owe a lot more to my Mom & Dad who made the right decision at the right time for me. From then on, I started trying out a lot of recipes. Today, I am happily married and my husband is a big foodie . He brings out the best in me and tells me what exactly went right (and wrong) with each dish that I make. Here are some of the recipes that I often make at home. Hope you like them as much as I do :)

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