By Heba El Barassi

Strawberry vanilla cake

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By Heba El Barassi

super yummy me and my friends really enjoyed that <3

8 Servings
Eggs 6
Sugar 1 Cup
Flour 1 14 Cups
Baking Powder 2 Teaspoons
Whipping cream 2 Cups
Double cream can of 1
Sweetened concentrated milk12 Cup
Vanilla 2 Tablespoons
Cream caramel powder, sachet of 1
Strawberries, sliced
Strawberry sauce
Whipping cream
Chocolate Sauce
Coconut, sliced
Cream caramel sauce
  • Preparation Steps
  • 1

    blend eggs+sugar and vanilla for 25 min until it become creamy then add flour+baking powder gradually and stir very gently in 8 shape, bake in pre-heated oven at 180 degrees i made two cakes and each one divided into two layers.

  • 2

    prepare filling : blend wiping cream + double cream + 1/2 a cup of concentrated milk + cream caramel powder.

  • 3

    make 4 layer of two cakes fill in with prepared filling cream + slices of strawberry + strawberry sauce between each layer

  • 4

    after finishing filling try with bread knife to cut any extra edges and make sure its equal surface and smooth ,, cover it with wiping cream + chocolate sauce then spread coconut slices all over sides

  • 5

    on the top of the cake make circles of caramel sauce then with a stick or the flat edge of a knife make lines starting from the center - out then vice verse . garnish on your own style if you like ^_^

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