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Sauteed Vegetables in Coconut Oil - vegetable olathiyathu


This is a very simple and tasty side dish for all Kerala lunch recipes. The key to this recipe is to not use a lot of oil and not over cook. The flame should be medium and ingredients constantly stirred. Vegetables should be cut into small pieces so that the stirring will evenly cook all of them

3 Servings
Potato 2
Carrot 1
Peas ¼ Cup
Beans ½
Green chilli 2
Coconut oil 3 Tablespoons
Turmeric ½ Teaspoon
Preparation Steps
  • Cut potatoes into straight cuts like french fries, but half the size.

  • Cut carrots like the above with the thickness nearly half of potatoes(carrots take more time to cook)

  • Remove the tip of the beans from both sides and cut them evenly in medium sizes without splitting them

  • Cut the green chilli by half. Somewhat like splitting them

  • Take a clean wok (cheenichatti) and keep it over the stove flame.

  • Heat one table spoon of coconut oil and add a pinch of salt to it once its warm. Do not wait to see the vapours

  • Immediately add all the vegetables and start sauteing.

  • Initially when the vegetables are raw keep on stirring it fast.

  • 1-2 minutes into sauteing, add turmeric and saute it so that it spreads evenly

  • 10 

    Continue doing this for 5-8 minutes till you see a brownish coating starting to form at the base of the wok

  • 11 

    Add the remaining oil in 1-2 steps while the ingredients continue to be sauteed. Key is to evenly spread the oil

Cherian ThomasBangalore, India

Since my pre-teen days my brother & I’ve been experimenting with food that started all the way from Maggi noodles to choco brownies & anchovie pickles these days. These recipes represent a lifetime of learning’s from my mom, wife, magazines & my grandparents.

Sauteed Vegetables in Coconut Oil - vegetable olathiyathu

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