By Nirmala Prem

Ro*Tel-Queso Dip

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By Nirmala Prem

this is a super simple, super delicious dip that uses Ro*Tel tomatoes and Velveeta cheese. its ready in a breeze, and packs quite a flavorful punch!

16 Servings
Ro*Tel (original) 10 oz. cans of 1
Package Velveeta, cut into cubes 16 oz. 1
Garlic Clove 2
White onion, finbely diced12
Ground cumin14 Teaspoon
Salt To Taste
  • Preparation Steps
  • 1

    heat the oil in a non-stick pan. when hot enough, add the chopped garlic and sautee.

  • 2

    add the diced onion and sautee well till lightly caramelized.

  • 3

    add the can of Ro*Tel (un-drained) and stir to combine. let it come to a boil.

  • 4

    add the cubed Velveeta and mix well so that the cheese melts and combines with the tomatoes.

  • 5

    add the cumin and stir well.

  • 6

    check for seasoning, and add salt only if required. transfer to a serving dish and serve warm with tortilla chips.

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