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Rice kozhukattai


Kozhukattai is a South Indian recipe and there are many variants of it, both sweet and salted. One of them is rice kozhukattai which is a breakfast item.

1 Servings
Boiled Rice/ Raw Rice 1.5 Cups
Grated Coconut12 Cup
Red Chillies 4-5
Mustard Seeds12 Tablespoon
Preparation Steps
  • Soak rice in water overnight and keep it aside.

  • Grind rice to a coarse mixture alongwith salt and very little water.

  • When the coarse mixture is ready, add grated coconut to it and grind again. Make sure the mixture is not very fine.

  • Heat a little oil in a pan and crackle mustard seeds. Add red chillies to it and roast them.

  • Add the mixture to it and keep on stirring till it turns thick and no trace of water remains. Remove it from the stove.

  • After the mixture cools, prepare oval balls out of it. You can use a little water to aid the shaping process.

  • Steam the balls in a pressure cooker using an ordinary vessel or an idli steamer. Add 2.5 cups of water to the cooker.

  • Steam for 20 minutes and serve kozhukattai with chutney.

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Anirudh Surendranath referred this recipe to make Rice kozhukattai