What is Cucumbertown?

All of us are cooks in one way or the other. It’s a necessity that life teaches us to survive.

Be it in a city or in a ville, we need food. And cooking is among the basic survival kits we need. For many this is passion. For some it’s the ultimate expression of love. And for most it’s a way of life.

Cucumbertown is a closely knit tribe curating recipes from the world over.

The heart of Cucumbertown is an immensely beautiful and lucid experience to cook, write & share recipes. Cucumbertown is the identity platform for the cook and food lover.

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It is the place you can wake up to every morning and ask “What can I cook with an egg, parsley, French bread & oregano?”

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Come, build the tribe. Let’s make everyone cook!

What's up with the name Cucumbertown?

It happens to every single one of us. In between our hectic schedules, jumping from one meeting to the next, in a busy world where we are meeting people but rarely understanding them, all it takes is a moment.

A moment, which slows us down, and removes our masks. Which strips us down and makes us vulnerable.

It could be the way someone talked, the way someone laughed, or the smell of rain on green grass. It could be the smell of hot coffee on a really cold day, or it could be a phone call from someone long past.

We believe all these moments take us to a happy place, a place where everyone knows everybody. Where everyone talks with a smile on their faces and time comes to a standstill.

You might call it nostalgia.

We call it Cucumbertown.

Welcome to our journey.


How many recipes can I publish?

You can publish only 873 recipes! Just kidding. You can publish as many recipes as you want. Please don't publish duplicate recipes.

If you enter a recipe that is duplicate, Cucumbertown will prompt you. Use that recipe or write a variation of it. Write a recipe


Why do some people have theirname.cucumbertown.com?

Oh that's us playing favorites because they sent us some yummy food to taste.

Bribe apart, you can get your own domain name when you have enough content. This is just to ensure that you have sufficient recipes to make a pretty yummy portfolio to boast. So, you are just a few recipes away. But yes, some homemade pie is always known to help.