Recipes with cuisine:south-indian

Oats Rava Idly
Kariveppillai Kozhi Kolambu (Curry Leaves Chicken Curry)
Onion Uthappam
Kothu Parotta / Shredded Paratha
Lime rice, south indian
Upma or Rava khichdi!!
Falling in love with kerala food began with...
Fried Hard-Boiled eggs in tamarind sauce
Beaten rice upma (Aval upma)
Sevia upma that just lacks the coriander garnish!
Red Chutney with Dosa!
Went to be a Vegan today for Iftar-Made...
Uddin Vadas - Black gram (split and peeled)...
Uppu chidai for onam
Cauliflower masala dosa
Vella Seedai (Jaggery pops)
Uppu Seedai (Salt pops)
Kothu Parotta..I love it
The milk curdled and there was my dessert...