Recipes with cuisine:italian

Whole-wheat sausage pizza!
Penne Pasta in white sauce
Spicy Octopus Stew
A garden pizza with everythin.....
Frittata with veggies and chicken sausages. Yum!
Pesaro-Style Ravioli With Fresh Tomatoes Sauce
Making your own stuffed pasta is great fun...
Meatballs Braised In White Wine
Mushroom risotto with italian parsley
Delicious Pesto
Course I of a "MasterChef Dinner" , a...
Wholewheat Spinach Pizza
There's nothing quite like homemade bread
Homemade squid ink Totellini
Made tiramisu for a Memorial Day barbecue party!
Pistachio Cream Shots with Biscotti - A perfect...
Traditional Italian Tiramisu No egg, so no cooking...