Recipes with cuisine:french

Béchamel Sauce for Stroganoff
Melt-in-Mouth Meringues! Lovely!
I've been smiling all day! :D
Love this desert
Always wanted to try me some croissants, and...
Kale, tomato & feta quiche
Apple Clafoutis
Clearly, not as neat as yours.
Bite sized delights
Julia Child's Chicken Fricassee
Jacques Pepin's Beef Stew
Julia Child's Boeuf Bourguignon
Fish en papillote ( fish in parchment paper)
Tart au Chocolat
Zucchini Au Gratin with Julia Child's recipe
Coq au Vin
au Gratin with cauliflower and chicken
Mexican Frittata
Creme Caramel