Recipes with course:entree

My take on (Mario Batali's) Babbo Oxtail Ragout
"Global Integration Quesadillas"
Beef Pot Roast
Cauliflower Cheese Souffle
Savoury bread pudding.
Ragi Oats Cookies
Pure Beef BombBurger inspired by Sanaa A'esha
Cajun Catfish
Quinoa Umpa
Quinoa and Salmon.
Bbq Chicken Wings
Quick Broiled Salmon on Bok Choy and Fried...
Egg Noodles
Spaghetti alla Puttanesca
Sesame Pops
Salsa Floats
Beef Stragonoff
Peppery black chicken-kali murgh
Feijoada (Version 1)