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egg sandwich


a simple sandwich!

2 Servings
Onion 1
Tomato 1
Green chilli 1
Eggs 2
Sausage 2
Slices of Bread 6
Grated Cheese12 Cup
Chopped Coriander14 Cup
Preparation Steps
  • Beat the eggs until light and fluffly. Add salt and pepper to taste.

  • Add the chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander and green chillies to this.

  • Cook the sausages in boiling water for sometime until it is almost done. Now chop the sausages into fine pieces and add them to the above mixture.

  • Dip three bread slices in the egg mixture until it is coated on both sides.

  • Arrange these slices inside a toaster and top them generously with the vegetables and meat from the egg mixture. Add grated cheese over this.

  • Dip the remaining three slices in the egg mixture and place them over the bottom layers and toast.

I am a self proclaimed foodie who loves experimenting with the flavors.. This is a set of recipes that I personally love cooking for my family and friends. Special credits to all the cookery shows "Master Chef Australia", "Magic Oven" Kairali tv, "Highway on my plate" and "Chak le India" for inspiring me every time to step into the kitchen and try something new :)...

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